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Favour Obasi-ike

Founder at Work & PLAY Entertainment
The Demystifying SEO course is designed to provide marketers and business owners with a clear understanding of the significance of SEO & CRO in driving organic traffic with sales for higher website visibility & conversions.

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Quick Case Study: Our client, Modern Natured, came to work with us towards the end of 2021 and we worked on their brand to build authority & awareness for "waist beads to lose weight". They have been ranking #1 for the past 9 months and counting!
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What's included?

You will learn how to increase your search engine rankings and put your business website on the map 🗺 using 3 steps!

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Become a Strategist 

Start with your audience

Become Audience Conscious

Focus on quality & relevance

Become SEO Savvy

Watch the 3rd video in this course to grab the full idea 💡 
Easy as one, two, three

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Self-study Plan

$297 (Pay 2 installments)
Online learning will be provided with access to a complimentary on-boarding strategy call. Prepare to spend at least 3 hours playback time for the full experience! 💻
  • 3 videos + quarterly video SEO updates
  • Access to SEO + AI Toolbox PDF (available 08/25)
  • Access to database with B2B / B2C prospects

Training + Self-study Plan

$997 (Pay 2 installments)
You will get everything in the Self-study Plan including 2 hours of training per month for follow-up within 12 weeks. Let's build your strategy with a solid online blueprint! 🔎
  • Everything in Self-study Plan
  • 6 hours private training within 12 weeks
  • Pinterest Marketing Course (Bonus)

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The course covers the following topics:

Understanding SEO: The course starts by simplifying SEO and providing students with a clear understanding of its significance in driving organic traffic for your business online & offline.

Keyword Research:
Students will learn how to conduct keyword research and identify the right keywords to target for their website using Audience Intelligence, Business Intelligence, & Creative Intelligence.

On-Page Optimization: The course covers the basics of on-page optimization, including optimizing sitemaps, title tags, meta descriptions, and header tags.

Off-Page Optimization: Students will learn about off-page optimization techniques such as link building and social media marketing.

Measuring Success: The course will teach students how to measure the success of their SEO efforts using tools like Google Search Console, Google Search Generative AI, NicheFinder, Byword AI.
Meet YOUR instructor

Favour Obasi-ike

Hello! Welcome to the Demystifying SEO course! 😊

It's so good to see you here on this page today. If you're reading this, then I am excited to share with you insights you will benefit from for decades to come ‼️ (insert Clubhouse emoji) 

SEO is the best thing that can happen to your business! 👀

My name is Favour Obasi-ike and I am a self-driven entrepreneur, business owner, self-taught drummer and musical artist who has blended entertainment business from a professional and creative angle to navigate through my career in an innovative & disruptive way. 🚀

Work & PLAY Entertainment is a digital marketing & consultancy agency that offers SEO services, podcast opportunities, and courses to help businesses promote their websites on Google, Bing, Pinterest, and YouTube. 🎙

Click here to get on a virtual coffee chat with me! ☕️

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Patrick Jones - Course author
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